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Christian Order is a British international monthly devoted to the defence and propagation of the One True Faith - Catholic, Apostolic and Roman - through incisive comment on current affairs in Church and State; at home and abroad.

August-September Editorial  FREXIT

The longer Francis sits on the Chair of Peter, and the more liberal cronies he gathers around him, the more entrenched the Revolution will become: thereby increasing the prospect of formal schisms breaking out all over when he is finally replaced by a faithful, dignified, intelligent, and truly humble Catholic. Barring a miraculous conversion, therefore, only his rapid departure for Judgment will loosen the iron grip of his "powerful, disciplined party" of infiltrators and turncoats.


The fruit of 50 years of ecumenical dialogue between the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation, the document From Conflict to Communion is, in my estimation, the most satanically deceitful document ever to issue forth from a Vatican office. The extent of this deceit, spread over the space of approximately 50 pages, would certainly require a book for full exposition. But the foundations, and principle elements of this deceit, are easily exposed in a few pages. This I will attempt to do.


What’s at stake is life on earth. Whether the British can make a Brexit stand or not, it still changes everybody’s mentality. That’s the most important thing about a ‘No’ vote. It shows that people weren’t fooled this time by the government’s lies. They saw through the propaganda. And all of a sudden the propaganda basis of all Western governments is gone. That’s the only way that people would ever get control back over their lives, and over the government. Right now they get zilch control. Especially in the United States.


The Spirit of Brexit!

The Latin word patria is associated with the idea of 'father' (pater). The native land (or fatherland) can in some ways be identified with patrimony, that is, the totality of goods bequeathed to us by our forefathers. ... Our native land is thus our heritage and it is also the whole patrimony derived from that heritage. It refers to the land, the territory, but more importantly, the concept of patria includes  the values and the spiritual content that go to make up the culture of a given nation.

... From this it can be seen that the very idea of 'native land' presupposes a deep bond between the spiritual and the material, between culture and territory. Territory seized by force from a nation [— or by stealth, by a superstate - Ed.]somehow becomes a plea crying out to the 'spirit' of the nation itself. The spirit of the nation awakens, takes on fresh vitality and struggles to restore the rights of the land.

... [T]he concept of patria and its link with paternity and with generation points towards the moral value of patriotism.... it is covered by the fourth commandment, which obliges us to honour our father and mother. ... Patriotism includes this sentiment inasmuch as the patria truly resembles a mother. ... Patriotism is a love for everything to do with our native land: its history, its traditions, its language, its natural features. ... Every danger that threatens the overrall good of our native land becomes an occasion to demonstrate this love.

- Pope John Paul II

* * *

Brexit: Step #1

Erase the Alien Imprint!

Following the wise/courageous/epochal vote for INDEPENDENCE on 23 June 2016,
the Editor emailed his local (Remain) MP:

Dear Sir

Just to let you know that I have signed this day (along with several friends) a Westminster petition calling for

"All European Union flags, emblems and logos to be removed from all public buildings."

Both major political parties have promoted the EU political project for decades by imprinting its ‘signature’ all over the land. A powerful propaganda tool, it speaks, in fact, to the loss of sovereignty and self-governance at the core of that supranational project. Therefore, with the referendum having reversed a 43-year aberration and returned Britain to its default setting of centuries past — independent, prosperous, and truly international (not merely continental) — I look forward to your taking up the essential task of removing this pervasive, insidious imprint.

Finally, in light of the insufferable reaction of many MPs to the democratic decision — a dictatorial response that has rightly outraged Leave voters — this first simple step towards restoring the nation’s self-respect and confidence is particularly urgent. It will represent a visible and sorely needed, if sadly rare show of humility and good will on the part of our increasingly remote and arrogant elected representatives; that they fully intend to implement the will of the majority, to the hilt.

Yours faithfully,

Rod Pead


That such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked upon will seem in future years to be the greatest folly of the modern era. And that Britain, with her traditional strengths and global destiny, should ever have been part of it will appear a political error of historic proportions.

- Margaret Thatcher


A new website with the full texts of the Clementina Vulgata, the Douay-Rheims Bible and the Knox Bible. Compare the translations side by side or view each Bible independently.

Also included are all notes by Bishop Challoner in the Douay Rheims version and all notes by Msgr. Ronald Knox in the Knox Bible.

The website has a very clean and intuitive design and is very easy to navigate. It is a handy tool for anybody who needs to quickly refer to the Bible or compare its traditional Latin and English translations.



Heavenly Father, we ask Thy blessing on our efforts. Show us the way to spread the Truth of the Catholic faith in the midst of error and infidelity. Fill our hearts with authentic love for our priests, bishops, pope and all the clergy, a love that moves us to unceasing prayer for their souls and to constant exhortation to faithfully fulfill their sacred task of preaching the whole truth of the Catholic faith without compromise. Grant us wisdom in our deliberations, courage in exposing error and corruption, and humility and charity in all the things we do. Bless our Holy Father with the wisdom and holiness to discern and carry out Thy Will, and the loyalty and fidelity of bishops, priests and all Religious in helping him carry out this task. May Thy will be done in all things.

We ask this through the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary.