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Christian Order is a British international monthly devoted to the defence and propagation of the One True Faith - Catholic, Apostolic and Roman - through incisive comment on current affairs in Church and State; at home and abroad.


Notwithstanding the problematic Deistic beliefs of many of America's Founding Fathers, the long-term pragmatic consequences of which are now all about us, their recognition of the natural law and the necessity of its religious expression to a sustainable democracy, stands in stark contrast to contemporary political discourse. Unlike Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Salmond and Farage, Jefferson worked on the principle that "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." Hence his response to homosexual tyranny, which he believed should be treated as rape. Whatever their economic and patriotic strengths, modern-day leaders who reject such natural law logic (i.e. the God-given natural order of things), are facilitators of vice and so destroyers of the very liberty they seek.

November Feature  THE NORWAY OPTION

The European Union was always a project by the political elite to subvert democratic government and replace it with a European technocratic government which would not have to bother about public opinion. That project is now so blatant and so obviously anti-democratic, that it can no longer be concealed. UKIP's remarkable achievements in the recent elections show that people in the wider public are beginning to wake up to it. They also need to know that in order to extricate ourselves from the European Union (aka “The Empire of Lies”) there is a ready-made, 'off the peg' solution: to stay as we are in the European Economic Area (the “Common Market” part of the EU) whilst leaving the EU political structure. Though not ideal, it is a working relationship which is very prosperous for Norway.

December Editorial  THE LOCUST PROJECT

Since March 2013, neon signs have been flashing wildly all along the broad road to the accommodation of sin. From the pope's protection of sodomite Mgr Ricca; to his embrace of proudly unrepentant sodomitical activist Fr De Paolis; and the contracting of renowned corporate promoters of sodomy to effect Vatican structural and financial reforms – so many brazen nods and winks, all flagging the Extraordinary General Assembly last October. A Synod not called in order to draw global attention to homosexual disease, death, and dysfunction of every kind (to include the disproportionate abuse and rape of children by a rampant homo subset). Nor to address the universal "gay" threat to freedom of speech and conscience. But rather, to consider homosexuality in the context of Pastoral Challenges to the Family! To avoid the treacherous papal odour, neocons reach for their nose-pegs. But I insist we suck it up! With purveyors of Modernist Deception and Falsehood so brazenly arrayed against Catholic Truth and Transparency, it is essential to depict the stark reality; to state the honest case bluntly.


The high numbers of Synod Fathers approving of some highly dangerous paragraphs — which put into ambiguous doubt some central elements of the Church's moral teaching, such as the condemnation of cohabitation and “remarriage” after a divorce — should alarm all of us. These troubling votes must have given the modernist-progressivist reformers enough encouragement to hope for a more effective and radical change of the Church's moral teaching in the coming year. We Catholics certainly have the moral duty to defend Christ's Truth even more fully now, and to put moral pressure on the upper hierarchy of the Catholic Church to resist, refute, and repudiate  these pernicious (often stealthy) revolutionary attempts to remake our historic Catholic Faith and to turn it into a sentimentalising, pandering, “politically correct” institution.



Heavenly Father, we ask Thy blessing on our efforts. Show us the way to spread the Truth of the Catholic faith in the midst of error and infidelity. Fill our hearts with authentic love for our priests, bishops, pope and all the clergy, a love that moves us to unceasing prayer for their souls and to constant exhortation to faithfully fulfill their sacred task of preaching the whole truth of the Catholic faith without compromise. Grant us wisdom in our deliberations, courage in exposing error and corruption, and humility and charity in all the things we do. Bless our Holy Father with the wisdom and holiness to discern and carry out Thy Will, and the loyalty and fidelity of bishops, priests and all Religious in helping him carry out this task. May Thy will be done in all things.

We ask this through the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary.