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  • Douay-Rheims Bible + Challoner Notes
  • The Vatican Web Site
  • Baronius Press - publisher of fine Catholic books.
  • Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice - Britain's renowned lay activist organisation concerned with the promotion and defence of orthodoxy, especially in the field of Religious Instruction. Includes full text of its information-packed quarterly, "The Flock."
  • Catholic Truth - Scotland's outspoken bi-monthly newsletter faithful to Pope and Magisterium, taking the fight to the Scottish Modernists.
  • Eternal Word Television Network (Mother Angelica)
  • Catholic Answers: A superb apologetics site including Karl Keating's This Rock magazine.
  • - A website exposing the feminist infiltration and subversion of the Catholic Church in Britain. Created in response to a series of articles on “The Feminist Threat to the Church” published in Christian Order, it chronicles the devastating impact of episcopally sponsored radical feminism on our local Church. Before we can combat this enemy in our midst we must firstly be aware of it! BECOME INFORMED! PASS THE WORD!
  • The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a congregation of priests loyal to the Holy See and dedicated to the traditional Latin liturgy. Seminaries in Germany and USA. Tuition in French/English/German.
  • The Institute of Christ the King, a congregation of priests with a seminary in Tuscany. Loyal to the Holy See, French speaking, traditional Latin liturgy, apostolates include missionary work in the Gabon.
  • Una Voce, an international organisation promoting the traditional Latin Mass and traditional Church music, loyal to the Holy See.
  • The Good Counsel Network, a pro-life organisation under the patronage of Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Jude, which reaches out to abortion-minded women and offers them free pregnancy counselling in full accordance with Catholic teaching, plus moral and practical support in keeping their babies.
  • Human Life International
  • The Truth About Medjugorje - all the official documentation on the fraudulent "apparitions" which have been undermining episcopal authority and the Marian movement for nearly twenty years.
  • Catholic Insight - Monthly magazine defending the Faith in Canada.
  • Roman Catholic Faithful - Operative until mid-2010, a US lay organisation that promoted orthodox Catholic teaching and fought heterodoxy and corruption within the Catholic hierarchy. A model of courageous, grassroots Catholic Militancy, it  campaigned to have bishops and clergy deposed for homosexual acts with clergy and minors. [WARNING: contains strong articles dealing with this matter.].
  • The Remnant - U.S. Catholic fornightly established in1967. Outspoken defence of the sacred traditions of the Holy RomanCatholic Church.
  • Kolbe Academy Home Academy - U.S. homeschooling programme - Ignatian in method, classical in content, loyal to the magisterium.
  • Seton Home Study School - Seton can answer all your questions about homeschooling and its role in the rebirth of Catholic Faith amd culture, such as Catholic teaching on parents rights; homeschooling in the large family; the father's role and teaching teens discpline.
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Homeschool - A truly Catholic home-study programme from kindergarten through high school.
  • Magdalene College and Christendom College - U.S. Roman Catholic Liberal Arts colleges offering Bachelor degrees based around the Great Books curriculum and human formation for an education of the whole person
  • Eagle Forum - One of America's foremost pro-family political organisations in the frontline of theCulture War. Excellent site with loads of information including The Pyllis Schlafly Report, the monthly Report by the renowned President of the Eagle Forum
  • The Wanderer - Legendary, plain speaking, hard-hitting weekly. Simply the best Catholic newspaper in the world.
  • Inside the Vatican - Beautifully produced and informative monthly
  • Culture Wars - Dr. E. Michael Jones' independent, cutting-edge Catholic magazine about faith, culture and morals in our time. Always stimulating. Often brilliant. Features highlights and archives from Culture Wars and Fidelity magazines, as well as books and tapes by the irrepressible Michael Jones and others.
  • World Net Daily - Joe Farrah's phenomenal internet news agency. Uncompromising, independent reporting of the secular news with a Christian perpsective. Great alternative to the tired and predictable spin of the mainstream media. Includes a good choice of foreign newspaper links.
  • The Brandsma Review - Ireland's outspoken, bi-monthly traditional voice - Pro Vita, Pro Ecclesia, Pro Hibernia.
  • John Bevan - Catholic Bookseller - British specialist in old and out of print Catholic books since 1974. Around 10,000 books held in stock. Search and browse inventory by author, title, publisher and keyword.
  • The Shroud of Turin - Everything you need to know about the Holy Shroud. Includes a search engine and an interactive page for viewing the Shroud.
  • Zenit News Agency - Rome-based International News Agency providing superb, up to the minute coverage of events, documents and issues concerning the Church. In English, Spanish, French and German.
  • Intratext: Bibliotheca Religiosa - Offers over 1 million pages in IntraText hypertext format. Multilingual online biblical text and concordances plus documents from the Vatican and religious institutions and congregations. Searchword facility and capacity to download documents in many languages. Updated daily.
  • Father Thomas Byles of the Titanic - Father Scott Archer's beautifully constructed site dedicated to the exemplary priestly life of England's Father Thomas Byles, who acted heroically during the Titanic tragedy. A great tonic amidst the numerous clerical scandals of the present day.
  • Our Lady's Warriors - Upholding, advocating and defending the true teachings of the Church against the errors of the dissidents. A mine of information and analyses of US dissenters, their organisations and programmes (e.g. RENEW 2000) as well as explanations of various Eastern and New Age techniques (e.g. enneagrams, chakhras, centreing prayer). Also provides all the documents of Vatican II and a good range of famous spiritual works and selected Church documents.
  • The Roman Theological Forum An association of scholars working for the advancement of Catholic theology and philosophy from a Thomistic standpoint. Promotes a neo-Patristic approoach to the interpretation of sacred scripture, including a study programme. Also an excellent archive of scholarly articles by Monsignor John McCarthy and Father Brian Harrison of the Oblates of Wisdom on scriptural and contemporary theological issues.
  • Catholic Associates – Well-presented “breakfast table” leaflets on topical Catholic issues (New Age; doctrine and morals; Catholic devotions) which may be read on-line or downloaded.  Also talks and articles on Catholic belief and practice.
  • E F pastorem, Fr Ray Blake’s Blog, Mundabor’s Blog, Protect the Pope – Informative local blogs providing up to date news and comment, linking to numerous other orthodox and pro-life blogs and websites at home and abroad.
  • Rorate Caeli – Leading traditional blog, always punchy and often incisive.  
  • John Smeaton – Plain-speaking pro-life commentary from the Director of SPUC.
  • LifeSiteNews - Outstanding non-profit Internet service dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family. Daily international news reports and information on important pro-life developments in the United States, Canada and around the world.
  • Waysideaudio – A free resource of audio files relating to the lives of the saints and other important propagators of the Faith.
  • Canisius Books – Dedicated to the defence of the rights of God and the restoration of the Catholic faith. Features books exposing the New Age/New World Order Movement and its effect upon the Catholic Church. Also devotional and other traditional Catholic literature; hard-hitting talks, articles and interviews


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