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April 2016

The frightening power of those who manipulate world events is readily seen in the successful portrayal of their placemen as national heroes (or 'reforming' pontiffs!). In this regard, prominent among those abusing the current Polish government in foreign newspapers and journals is one who secured his place in history as a Polish freedom-fighter for democracy; a man who still struts the world stage, feted by New World Order reptilians like Soros. While this turn of events may baffle those easily led by facile portrayals of post-Communist Poland (passed off as 'history' by the entertainment-media), patriotic Poles knew the sordid truth long ago. But they also knew that the same powers who 'managed' this man would never allow the treacherous reality to be publicised outside Poland. It is only now slowly filtering into the Western mainstream due to incriminating Communist-era files emerging from the archives of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance. Thanks to Current Events, 22/2/16. Our title.

The Wałesa Conspiracy



Is history laughing at us or is this a revenge of [communist-era Prime Minister] General Czesław Kiszczak from beyond the grave. Kiszczak, a brilliant master, faithful to the end to his regime, had directed the world spectacle and named his masterpiece as “Freedom.” He created a world hero from an unknown man, a paid informant for the communist regime who deliberately provided information to the communist secret police about the activities of his colleagues who were fighting for Poland’s freedom and independence. This unknown informant was Lech Wałesa, who then became a hero to the entire world, the President of Poland (1991-1995), and even the Nobel Peace Prize winner (1983).

His payback for all the splendour and glory was the 1992 toppling of the Jan Olszewski government, which attempted to implement the lustration law in order to bring accountability to those who collaborated with the repressive [communist] Jaruzelski regime against Poland and the Polish people. This play was directed by Kiszczak using Wałesa as his instrument. Ironically, this relationship was also reflected in the famous drinking toast made by Wałesa during his television broadcast: “to your health, into our throats.”

 Wałesa established a government made of people with similar mentality, many still affiliated with the communist regimes and the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SB) that controlled Poland for many years. It was through his betrayal, that Poland’s industry was squandered and the country indebted. This is why Poland no longer has Polish banks, nor large Polish trade corporations. Maybe if people then knew the truth and did not believe the myth of Wałesa’s heroism, there would be no mass takeover of Poland by foreign interests piece by piece.

See The Closed Circuit movie as an example, based on real events in 2003 in the city of Krakow. This is the story about three successful businessmen who are unfairly accused of being members of organised crime and money laundering by corrupt government officials who were strongly affiliated with the communist regime. After several years of persecution and legal proceedings, all charges against them were dropped — but the lives of these men and their loved ones were ruined, both financially and psychologically. Wałesa’s betrayal had opened the door to the spread of invigilation, corruption, abuse of the system, and unwarranted imprisonment that went together with deranged, unjust and immoral financial manipulations that became commonplace in Poland.

Am I satisfied that the truth about Lech Wałesa finally came out? — No, I am not. But instead, I am constantly questioning myself, what would Poland be today, if Olszewski’s government [Dec. 1991-June 1992] had lasted. If not for Wałesa’s deceitful role in preserving the post-communist regime, would Poland ever have had a chance to become a truly sovereign country?

No, I am not satisfied with this development. Instead, I am disappointed that for years we all have been living under the illusion that we live in a free and democratic country. I am sad that for years we had been worshipping false gods, where the real heroes were cast off into the dustbin of history. And I am upset that because of Wałesa, Poland became divided into “us” against “them,” and vice versa.

I am grieving for the people who had dedicated their lives for freedom but had been forgotten, their memories shattered, while we continued believing in the false heroes and kept rewarding the faithful servants of the communist regime.

The mighty empire of the Polish fish industry and the shipyard production has vanished, along with the mines that are slowly disappearing. We're back to square one after 26 years, deeply divided and at odds with each other.

So, was Czesław Kiszczak not a pure genius? He and his regimes had achieved something that was never possible to carry out by means of war or partitions. He had wrecked for many years and effectively blocked any chance for truly free and sovereign Poland to be born; the Poland without any informants, secret agents of foreign interests, collaborators of post-communist cliques, etc.. It is thanks to people like Kiszczak and Wałesa that the entire new generation of Euro-Poles was shaped, a generation of Polish people with deep aversion to the national emblem and ashamed of their Polish heritage: people who do not belong here, but don’t belong there either.

Communism never left Poland for good. Instead, the Polish people continued to emigrate from Poland in millions, because they were lacking any prospect for a decent life back in their homeland.
Is fate laughing at us from beyond the grave? Am I satisfied — no, not at all. But I am regretful that my entire generation was brought up living with a lie. We were living in the country that had never really parted with communists. Who will give us back the past 25 years? Who will ever return to us these lost years, when Poland was set up as a pawn for the new Euro-Communist regime doing exactly what the people disloyal to Poland told us to do.

Am I satisfied — no, I am not! Today, once again, we have our heads down because the world is laughing in our faces, that we have fallen so effortlessly for false democracy. But it is not fate that is laughing at us. Rather, it is General Kiszczak, who devised and implemented this devilish plan, laughing at us from beyond his grave.


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