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May 2014

In early March, the following self-explanatory email was sent by the Editor to Lieutenant General David Morrison, an old classmate from St Edmund's (Christian Brothers) College, Canberra. It speaks to that familial rupture within the household of faith foretold by Christ [Matt. 10:21; 10:35]; to the "two-edged sword" of God's Word [Rev. 1:16] that divides in order to save those who hear and act upon it.

On the one hand, the writer continues to view the world through a Christian lens: "which sets all earthly values within the context of the eternal; which relates all human problems – social, political and cultural – to the doctrinal foundations of the Catholic Faith; which sees all things here below in terms of God's supremacy and earth's transitoriness, in terms of Heaven and Hell."

On the other, the recipient, in the process of rising to become Chief of the Australian Army, has lost that overriding Christian vision of warfare encapsulated in Cardinal Manning's contention that "all human conflict is ultimately theological": that everything, every debate on whatever issue returns to Catholic moral and doctrinal realities.

The former has retained the coherent and salvific Christian worldview laid out in the catechism of his youth. The latter has swapped that heavenly teaching for the earthly alternative: the arbitrary and implacable nostrums of political correctness; which, like all materialistic ideologies, can entertain neither serious theological nor honest scientific discussion for fear of being exposed.

Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon us at least to try to inform our errant brother and sister Catholics, especially those in high office, of hard facts which speak to the myriad dangers of their new secular religion; even as we remind them of their overriding Christian responsibilities and duties in the present Culture War.


An Open Letter to a Wayward Catholic Leader


Dear General Morrison

With “Gay Mardi Gras” participants having just repeated their annual acting out on the streets of Sydney, on behalf of our Australian and international Catholic readership I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against:

  1. the involvement of members of the Army in this event, and
  2. their involvement in full uniform.

May I raise just several pertinent if belated queries and accompanying facts for your consideration:

• What kind of message does the sight of pornographic/blasphemous exhibitionism on our streets, involving (at the very least complicit) uniformed members of the Army, send to ignorant adults, impressionable youths and innocent children – all oblivious to the monumental personal and societal health risks and financial costs posed by homosexual acts (typically summarized here)?

• Why does the commonsense you displayed in speaking out strongly against the unacceptable behaviour of porn-peddling heterosexual soldiers fly out the window in the case of homosexual soldiers promoting behaviour that variously debilitates and kills countless young and middle-aged men and women every year?

To put this in perspective: while smoking shortens the lifespan of the smoker by 1 to 7 years, the most ‘stable’ homosexual and lesbian ‘couples’ live on average 20+ years less than their heterosexual counterparts (and this even in the most ‘gay’-friendly countries on earth, like Denmark and Norway where early death due to homosex shortens the lifespan of homosexuals and lesbians by an average 22-25 years: indicative statistics here).

Why do we not talk about these and other shocking statistics with reference to the behaviour behind the statistics? Why do we actively promote non-smoking because of the health risks of smoking, yet refuse to countenance programs to guide the sexually confused into heterosexuality? Instead of discouraging homosexual behaviour as smoking is discouraged, homosexuality is promoted, via such policies as your Mardi Gras participation, as a viable and safe option compared with heterosexuality. Before the bald facts, is this not cruel and deathly complicity on your part?

• Where is the duty of care to ensure that all your soldiers are apprised of the scientific truth; the one hundred years of clinical evidence which documents and reveals the ghastly reality of homosexuality and its vaunted ‘lifestyle’? What is to be gained by helping to push what is more properly and manifestly designated a ‘deathstyle’ – an incubator for every kind of and disease and dysfunction (a brief summary list here)? Just consider, for instance, that the chance that a homosexual will come down with AIDS or other life-threatening venereal illness is at least ten times greater than for a normal man. That alone points to a disorder; a pathology that does not require facilitating via military participation in a ‘gay’ Mardi Gras, but compassion, understanding, and medical treatment.

Where is the concern you displayed for abused and exploited army women when it comes to these souls under your care afflicted with SSAD (same sex attraction disorder); a condition clinically treatable and reversible as testified by untold thousands who have left the homosexual milieu and permanently returned to happy and healthy lives with their wives, families and friends?

And what about the very many who freely desire and seek out psycho-therapy for their SSAD only to be told it is no longer available because, true to their name, the ‘Gaystapo’ are having the therapy outlawed by Western legislatures, and caring psycho-therapists who accommodate such requests kicked out of their profession?

Precisely why they seek treatment and what they are trying to escape from was neatly summed up by British homosexual activist/broadcaster Simon Fanshawe in his documentary, "The Trouble With Gay Men" (BBC3, 2008). Fanshawe reveals the dissolute world behind sanitised TV sitcoms and the "equality" cant behind ‘hate crimes’ legislation, ‘gay marriage’, ‘gay’ Mardi Gras etc.; a hellish place where cases of syphilis, to name just one disease, increased 616% in five years because, he plainly and admirably admits, "promiscuity has become the norm" and "swimming around in a sewer" is viewed as "normal."  

• Where is your concern for those Australians, whether under your command or generally, who continue to be infected and their lives blighted and/or destroyed by this ‘sewer-normalising’ agenda you are furthering by Mardi Gra participation? This obviously includes children raised in ‘gay’ households, as clearly revealed in the landmark Findings from the New Family Structures Study by sociologist Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas. The most careful, rigorous, and methodologically sound study ever conducted on homosexual parenting, Regnerus typically found that children of lesbian mothers, for example:

- Are almost 4 times more likely to be currently on public assistance

- Are more than 3 times more likely to be unemployed

- Are an astonishing 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver" — 23% reported this, vs. only 2% of children raised by their married biological parents (while those raised by a homosexual father were 3 times more likely, reported by 6%)

- Are nearly 4 times as likely to have been "physically forced" to have sex against their will

The Regnerus study (summarized here) is continually reinforced by ‘gay’-parented children now revealing the trauma of their upbringing, such as Dawn Stefanowicz in Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting (interviewed here).

Clearly, in the process of intimidating public leaders like yourself into co-operation, the ‘gay’ lobby, with the help of their dissembling media allies, defames and shouts down all opponents, especially first-hand critics like Fanshawe and Stefanowicz, for fear of a calm, reasoned, factual public debate on homosexuality that they know they could never win. By continuing to indulge them, instead of pointing out the manifold dangers attested to by voluminous facts and scientific evidence, you are complicit in a suppression of truth and individual freedom by which souls are first led into the gay “sewer” (harming themselves and many others, including immediate family, in the process), and then, when they seek expert care to escape it, denied treatment and held prisoner there – effectively sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. So much for “liberty,” “equality,” “tolerance”, and “human rights”!

• Beyond the moral, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual ramifications of encouraging a positive or even benign view of homosexuality, there this a further unspoken cost of such irresponsible policy; one duly flagged among the Regnerus findings listed above. For although constituting at most 2-4% of the population (barely 1% in many countries, like the UK), homosexuals account for between 20-40% of all sexual abuse of minors. Of course, just as most heterosexuals are not abusers, neither are most homosexuals. But a subset repeatedly abuses children to the extent that (in relative terms) homosexuals are 10 to 20 times more likely to abuse a child than normal men.

These kinds of figures (detailed here) should not surprise anyone remotely familiar with what homosexuals actually do (i.e., after tossing away the sanitary handbook their mothers gave them as children). And of course pederasty is the most universal form of homosexuality from ancient times to the present: statistically most homosexual adult males having had at least one encounter with an underage boy; hence the perennial push to decrease or do away with entirely, the age of consent.

In that regard, the links between paedophile and homosexual groups operating within mainstream Western political parties are well documented and universal. Homosexual organisations have inevitably viewed paedophiles as just another persecuted minority in need of the same "liberating tolerance" extended to their own unnatural inclinations.

NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association), whose motto is "sex before 8 before it’s too late," famously makes common cause with US homosexual networks. Last October lawyer-researcher Andrew E. Harrod summarised the homo-pederast link and promotion of paedophilia within the German Green Party, which is currently the subject of a €200,000 public investigation by Göttingen University. While the UK press is currently ablaze with similar sordid connections within the Labour Party, wherein a campaigning paedophile organization was represented on a ‘gay’ rights sub-committee with full “affiliate” status in the 70s and 80s (see here).

Assisting these homo-pederast networks by constantly pushing down the age of consent fits seamlessly with the radical ‘gay’ mindset behind the Sydney Mardi Gras. As set out in the infamous Gay Manifesto (1971), the professed aim of that depraved worldview is the utter destruction of Christian marriage and the family — the very bulwarks against barbarism and the sexual anarchy that brought previous civilisations crashing down.

Indirectly, therefore, you are assisting that ongoing legislative push. Meanwhile and more immediately and directly, however, the facts reveal that your policy of ‘gay’ accommodation is shoring up the abuse of children.

According to renowned American researcher Judith Reisman: "Roughly the same number of boys are victimized by the 2% homosexual males as are girls victimized by the 95% heterosexual males. In one liberal study, homosexual pederasts admitted to 150 boy victims each, compared to 19 girl victims per heterosexual pedophile, conservatively an eight-to-one ratio."

This unspeakable crime is hardly challenged by promoting homosexuality instead of facing down the militant ‘gay’ lobby that falsely presumes to speak on behalf of all homosexuals: who scream victimhood and demand special treatment even while demonising/criminalising those who oppose their agenda (truth-tellers like Tess Corbett, for instance).(1) How long will it be before the Army is paying out massive sums in compensation for the sexual abuse of infants and teenagers by homosexual soldiers whose perverse sexual inclinations it has not only failed to curb but encouraged to act out in homosexual parades?

Within your own Church, for example, the independent John Jay Criminal Institute study found that sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in America is an overwhelmingly homosexual problem: 81% of those abused being adolescent boys molested and/or raped by homosexual priests. This is known as ephebophilia, but the same hugely disproportionate figure holds true for the paedophilic abuse of pre-pubescent children. Research and analyses across various countries reveals that for every 1,000 paedophiles in prison, about 400 are self-identified homosexuals. Only one, or statistically less, is a priest, also usually homosexual. Therefore, if the Catholic Church is so heavily blamed for its contribution to paedophilia, should not the “gay” community you are letting your soldiers promote on the streets of Sydney be blamed and castigated, instead, four hundred times stronger?

Where is your Christian sense of responsibility and fair play in all of this? Playing to the crowd over the disgusting antics of few amoral soldiers engaged in sleazy activity is easy. Real moral courage involves standing firm against corrupting insanity: like political correctness which insists that black is white, white is black, evil is good, and good is evil. Real spine involves facing down the howls of protest from the homosexual collective and its powerful media and corporate backers, and refusing to countenance promotion of a homosexual collective that accounts for 40% of all paedophile crimes and 60% of AIDS infections worldwide, among endless other crimes, disease and debilitation out of all proportion to their tiny numbers.

• Beyond the sordid scientific facts of the matter: how does the sight of cavorting sodomites mocking Christianity in manifold ways – some hatefully dressed in Catholic religious garb, others wielding placards blaspheming the founder of the Christian religion – raise the moral tone and fibre of the army, city, state, or country? How does it serve the eternal truths of your Catholic faith: about man, his dignity, and final end?

How does the Army’s graphic participation in such vitriolic disrespect for fellow citizens in any way breed military/national concord, peace and unity, or cultivate the respect rightly owed to those professing the very doctrinal and moral Christian tenets upon which Australia was founded and built?

‘Democracy,’ ‘freedom’, ‘equality,’ ‘dignity’, ‘tolerance,’ ‘human rights’ …. such fundamentals of Western civilization did not just fall from the sky! As you well know, and as the alien nature of such concepts within Muslim and Hindu cultures indicate, they gradually emerged from a Christian worldview in general, and a Catholic one in particular. In other words, they do not and cannot exist in a vacuum. Their meaning and coherence is rooted in and dependent upon a transcendent view of man: made in the image and likeness of God as a rational creature with an immortal soul.

And so the imposition of contrived ‘rights’ can never be a path to liberty, equality and fraternity. On the contrary, as history repeatedly records, to replace the supreme, objective, immutable rights and laws of Almighty God with subjective and shifting man-centred ‘rights’ is a highway to that living hell of moral anarchy, human misery, and self-destruction embodied in the homosexual milieu described above.

To appreciate the truth of that assertion and how these basic concepts have been cynically hollowed out and reduced to mere ideological slogans by the unrepresentative ‘gay lobby’, I highly recommend Ronald Lee’s “The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement” – a superbly written article by one who knows that scene from the inside, laying bare the entertainment-media’s utterly false depiction of the ‘healthy, happy, monogamous gay’.

• There is much talk nowadays of ‘exclusion,’ but the majority Christians of Australia, as elsewhere, now find themselves being pushed out of the very public square their forebears (including your Catholic forebears) constructed. In this regard, as a former classmate, I would remind you of our own obligations and duties as baptized Catholics not to place our own
careers and ambitions before the selfless upholding of the common good: served by promoting the divine and natural law through a Catholic conscience trained and formed in accord with the mind of God’s holy Church, with prayer and perseverance under grace.

Sadly, the Christian humility required to do this is sorely lacking in our increasingly godless, self-serving world in which each and every man and woman has become his/her own infallible pontiff. In your elevated position, however, you have the opportunity to lead from the front.

You might commence by pondering how it can be considered at all rational or reasonable that the Army’s much trumpeted ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusivity,’ and ‘tolerance’ finds no room for the rights of Christian conscientious objection to unnatural/depraved sexuality – cf. the termination of the commission of Major Bernard Gaynor, a Mardi Gras opponent, in complete breach of Defence administrative procedures – when it allows other uniformed officers to express their perverse sexual appetites in public, without the least regard for public decency or the blasphemous insults routinely hurled at the faith and morality of Christians (including military colleagues like Major Gaynor) during the parade?

General Morrison, having reflected on these and many other queries which I am sure will continue to be raised in correspondence on this matter, I hope and pray that you will review this year’s decision and withdraw all public support for the 2015 Mardi Gras.

In so doing, why not take the opportunity to speak out against the threats to public health, morals, freedom of speech, and conscientious objection that it signifies? Nothing could be more important, since the promotion of genuine tolerance and rights for all Australians is only possible through transparent and truthful public discourse. If our civic and military leaders remain silent and complicit before hard facts and urgent evidence which cry out for attention – kowtowing instead to the perverse few who shout the loudest and lobby the hardest – then all that remains is Might-is-Right pragmatism, and the brutal fascistic response to ‘dissidents’ which inevitably follows.

In this, as with so much else, we are lamely following the American example. For like Major Gaynor, hundreds of officers (including chaplains) within the US military have already suffered for refusing to genuflect to President Obama’s use of the military for social ‘gay’ experimentation.

Last April, just several months before the Chief of the Australian Defence Force admonished Major Gaynor for his criticism of the Army’s participation in sodomitic parades, an American Army officer sent out a 14-page email labelling those who oppose homosexuality as “domestic hate groups” whose values don’t align with “Army values.” In response to this outrage, the President of the Family Research Council replied that “The message is very clear – if you are a Christian who believes in the Bible, who believes in transcendent truth, there is no place for you in the military.” While retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin stated:

"I don't even know where to start. I am so grieved by what I see here. This is a continuation of a pattern that we've been seeing in our military for about three years now. What we're essentially seeing is a continued attack on faith, on religion, on the ability of the American GI to worship according to his faith. What they're doing is ... changing the culture of the military. And that is very disturbing, because you can't change this country unless you destroy what I consider to be the most important institution in our government – and that is our military.”

Your Mardi Gras participation against all the disturbing evidence summarised above flags the same bottom line: the destruction of the Australian military through social engineering, with dire national ramifications.

In that final sobering light, may the one true God to Whom we are all answerable, Who will judge each one of us according to our works and fidelity to His Commandments, guide and enlighten you in your duties and responsibilities in this matter.

And may the Holy Spirit fill you with the moral courage (that “fortitude” we both received with His other six Gifts at our Confirmations) to swim against this ever rising tide of filth and moral evil engulfing our beloved country.

If our Christian leaders do not stand up, who will?

Yours sincerely

Rod Pead

Christian Order magazine



(1) Explanatory note for readers: A Christian political candidate who voiced concern that those who support paedophilia will use anti-discrimination legislation to seek the same rights and privileges as homosexuals, Tess Corbett was legally challenged by a serial (sodomitic) litigant. Subsequently, in October 2013, a government administrative tribunal found her guilty of unlawful homosexual vilification (read: guilty of speaking out against paedophilia!). It ordered her to publish an apology to the activist in the Sydney Morning Herald, in a prominent position at her own expense. She has appealed the decision.

* * * *

EDITOR’S NOTE: A similar appeal on this matter was also made to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a practising CINO and former seminarian whose ambition and pragmatism finally eroded his faith and identity, sapping his courage to resist expedient homo-bandwagons.




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