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February 2006

Funding Corruption


Are the following names at all familiar to you? Bishop Daniel Ryan, Bishop Thomas Dupre, Bishop Patrick Ziemann, Archbishop Rembert Weakland, Bishop Kendrick Williams? How about Monsignor Robert Truppia?

Of course, this is only a partial list, but these men have two things in common: all are members of the Catholic Church in the United States, and all have been accused of acts of sodomy, either consensual or with an innocent child or adolescent male or female.

Let me assure you, there are many more prelates who have not been "outed", and they continue to hold positions of power in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB]. Still many others are diocesan directors of vocations and/or parish priests. This problem will only continue, as long as these bishops and priests are not reprimanded, removed, and defrocked.

Just because all Church and school employees - full-time, part-time, and even volunteers - are now being forced to undergo fingerprinting and criminal background checks (even though most of them have never, and will never, be involved in the molestation of a child or adolescent, male or female), the problem of sodomy and the corruption in the Church will only continue. Do fingerprints ever show up on the body of a molested child?

We now know that the wolves were, and still are, in charge of the "hen houses" (our parishes, seminaries, and schools), and have been for more than 35-plus years. Yet, by forming a lay committee to oversee the "problem" of sodomy in the Catholic Church (even though this committee has no authority under Canon Law), our bishops seem to have successfully put the blame for the sinful behaviours and corruption in the Church on those who are truly innocent bystanders.

With the formation of this lay committee, the USCCB has, once again,been able to convince the American public that they are "doing something" to combat this serious matter. And, it seems, they have been quite effective in this task of moving the attention and blame away from themselves, while at the same time making the laity feel guilty that they didn’t see this happening. This is an outrage!

Derailing the gravy train

Does your Catholic faith mean so little to you that you continue to fund a bunch of sodomites in the Church? More than 20 years ago, a high-ranking Vatican official told many of us to withhold funds from our local parishes, because he already was aware of the homosexuality in the Church (and so were some of us!). It is true that we all have a duty to support the Church - in meeting all salaries, helping them to pay heating and cooling bills, as well as helping with the normal expenses related to the operation of a parish and school. However, as many of us now know, large sums of monies have only contributed to the luxurious lifestyles and sinful behaviours of many in the Church.

Even those who have taken vows of chastity, poverty and obedience have fallen prey to the attractions of The Deceiver. In the case of Archbishop Rembert Weakland (the Benedictine who we now know has broken all his vows), it is unconscionable that he is still referred to as a "bishop in good standing".

Remember, he stole $450,000 from a Catholic Archdiocese to pay for the silencing of another male with whom he had a "love affair" which went bad. But, then, he didn’t steal this money all by himself. Nope. He had others who aided and abetted him in this sin. Not only was he guilty of theft, but he was also guilty of sodomy - one of the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Amazingly, though, all these men remain in "good standing" in that Archdiocese. This is ludicrous! They should be shunned!

How many priests and bishops are hooked on pornography? It isn’t "free" on the Internet, but it is easy to find - internationally. And child porn is big business on the Net. How many priests visit gambling casinos? That, too, can be habit forming and uses time which should be devoted to meditation and adoration, prayer and penance. How many of our priests entertain, or are entertained, at expensive restaurants? How many drive expensive cars? Are you, the laity, in any way guilty of encouraging them in their lavish lifestyles because of your generous donations to your parish? Perhaps!

Ask yourself the following question: "From whom do our priests and bishops get their funds to engage in these sinful activities?" The answer can only be from you, the laity! It is also a fact that a small number of the parish priests have even been guilty of embezzling Church funds to support their sinful behaviours. This has been documented in the last few years, as in the June 30, 2005, edition of The Wanderer with regard to a priest at Holy Cross church in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Oh, but then he is only accused of embezzling one million dollars! And, at age 61, he was living with his male companion who was only 25.

At this critical time in the Church, one must ensure that donations are not being used improperly, and make adjustments accordingly. Otherwise, you will be contributing to the corruption not only of bodies, but also, most sadly, of souls.

Do you know how much your parish and priest need to operate comfortably and officially? How much should your diocese be using to function efficiently? How much of your money is still being wasted on frivolous programmes or evil and immoral sex education (and now so-called "safe-environment")? Why are your donations now being used to pay for lawsuits, due to sodomy? Is this what you had hoped for when you gave so generously over the years? I doubt it.

It is still possible to do your duty to support the Church, but this can also be accomplished through other Catholic associations, foundations, and Religious orders of nuns and priests who desperately need funding.

What we are experiencing in the Catholic Church today is not the end of the matter, by any means. Because of who remains in the USCCB, we are not even close to bottoming out. As long as we have prelates and priests living sinful lifestyles, at your expense, the corruption will just continue.

Who will stop the madness?

It’s up to laymen everywhere.



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