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November 2007

Infiltration and Blackmail


Thanks to a disinterested and deeply compromised Vatican, which has acquiesced in decades of Liberal episcopal appointments, England has reaped a whirlwind of clerical infidelity.

This corrupt state of affairs has reached new subterranean levels since the 2001 Pendergast-Filochowski homosexual 'anniversary Mass' outrage [CO, Jan. 2005, pp.16-19]. An episcopal affront to Catholic faith and morals which shamed the Church and scandalised their flock, the ensuing uproar not only failed to restrain the bishops but rather set off a push for full accommodation of the "gay rights" agenda, incorporating customised Masses for sodomites as part of the package.

Now, we all realise that the Church is not so much a house of saints as a sanctuary for sinners. Catholics gathered at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in union with their countless brethren throughout the world, offer Almighty God expiation for their sins. Hence the very idea of tailoring Masses for individual groups of sinners - liars, fornicators, adulterers, thieves, necrophiliacs... - is a truly absurd notion. (Not to say impractical: even scheduled on a daily basis, the endless litany of human wickedness would restrict each sinful category to about one parish Mass per lifetime!)

This absurdity, however, is clearly lost on the English bishops. With a nod from Rome, not only have they sanctioned such unique Masses for homosexuals, they have set them up at the behest of unrepentant homosexuals and lesbians: men and women who trumpet their deviancy while railing against Pope Benedict and the Church for calling sin by its name!

Appeasing the sodomites at every turn while resisting the pleas of their most faithful and obedient children to prevent the sin and scandal these Masses engender, our supposed spiritual Fathers have doggedly pursued this public promotion of evil. It is a scandal which arguably represents the lowest point yet reached by self-satisfied prelates lacking all fear of God.

As revealed in the article which follows, the flagrant nature of the blasphemy, sacrilege and "gay" propagandising associated with the Soho Masses is overwhelming. It is no surprise, therefore, that notorious 'celebrants' lead the charge.

On 5 August, for example, the Mass was celebrated by Fr Philip Slocombe of the Clifton diocese. The present writer was participating in the regular prayer protest outside the church, but an observer who attended the Mass reported that the priest "had six lay people on the altar with him. Just before the 'Lamb of God' one of the women broke the consecrated Host. and other abuses occurred." The report continues:

"Father Slocombe's sermon, ostensibly on vanity, was shocking too. He told the congregation that he had been looking at some men's magazines and he couldn't help thinking how beautiful our bodies are. He mentioned buttocks specifically and, of course, this produced much giggling and prodding among the congregation."

Given his history of "gay" activism, the fact that this earring-clad dissident ordained by Bishop Hollis is still in the priesthood at all speaks volumes. That he is permitted to darken the doorways of churches anywhere, let alone those given over to his "gay" brethren, is a breathtaking scandal which shows up the profound moral, doctrinal and spiritual turpitude of the hierarchy which supports him.

It certainly leaves the blackest of clouds hovering over his former Bishop, the now retired Mervyn Alexander. In July 1991, after following their parish priest to a "gay" nightclub in Bristol which he was known to frequent, three of Slocombe's long-suffering parishioners witnessed him on the dance floor. They each completed affidavits and handed them to Bishop Alexander. Incredibly, he took no action, preferring Slocombe's risible excuse that he had been "counselling" nightclub patrons!

With the continued support of Alexander, Slocombe went on his scandalous way. He even penned a report on his participation in 25th anniversary celebrations of the "gay liberation" movement. Titled "An Englishman in New York: Peter Slocombe's reflections", this hymn of praise for homosexuality appeared in the September 1994 newsletter of the dissident Roman Catholic Caucus of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. It puts his above Soho performance in full perspective, as he identifies himself wholeheartedly with "gay lib" deviants. Praising the 1969 Stonewall rioters in New York's Greenwich Village who sparked the "gay" movement, he wrote:

"Suddenly, our ancient burden of oppression was transformed into anger, self-affirmation, pride - and action. The call for gay liberation reverberated around the world. And today, our movement ranks among the great forces in the struggle for human rights. How sad, therefore, that the Catholic Church in recent times has sought to deny gay people their recognised place. For us the struggle goes on and celebrating and marching both in London and New York's 25th Anniversary were high-points this year."

Slocombe praises the radical sodomite lobby group Dignity for "excelling itself" in the organisation of "a first-rate international conference and the largest ever mass [sic] for gays and lesbians." He then relates how an English lesbian who spoke at the conference "provided a clear picture of the situation in Britain - of less confrontation and polarisation than in the States, of personally helpful bishops unable to 'stick their necks out' for fear of Vatican reprisals."

Thirteen years on, with Westminster approval and Vatican blessing, this non serviam misfit and his rebellious clerical brethren turn up in Soho to lead blasphemous parodies of the Holy Mass for militant homosexuals, who, within the once sacrosanct confines of a church, promote hellish Gay Pride marches and direct the congregation to peddlers of graphic tips for 'better buggery.' So much for bishops fearing Roman "reprisals"!

It is not the cosseted shepherds but their abandoned flock who are fearful - of Vatican complicity!

This starts at the top.

Take Pope Benedict's much touted pre-election lament about "How much filth there is in the Church, even among those who, by virtue of their priesthood, ought to belong entirely to Christ!" Not only has he failed to launch a clean up, but through his "gay"-friendly appointee Cardinal Levada he has effectively sanctioned these public perversions of truth and goodness; piling filth upon the encrusted filth which already cakes the Church in England.

Wherever we look, this suffocating layer of impurity and infidelity is obstructing the flow of God's grace to the local Church.

On 13 August 2007, for instance, the Daily Telegraph reported a scandal involving homosexual Charles Coyne, the head of St Cecilia's primary school in Liverpool who has lived in a "civil partnership" with his male 'partner' since October 2006. The Pope calls such partnerships "anarchic" and a danger to the family.

The archdiocese told the Telegraph that due to employment law, "nothing could be done" to sack Coyne. How convenient. And with Fr Michael O'Dowd involved in such deliberations, how unsurprising that they surrendered so obligingly. The Episcopal Vicar for Schools and Education, O'Dowd, like Fr Slocombe, is a notorious supporter of the sodomite lobby group Quest.

A concerned Liverpool layman submitted the following letter to the Telegraph in response to its report:

When Mr Charles Coyne, head teacher of St Cecilia's Roman Catholic primary school, entered into a civil partnership with Mr Richard Jones, an RE teacher, in October 2006, they were well aware that the Catholic Education Service contract of employment which they will have signed defines: "4.(iii) a - You are to have regard to the Catholic character of the school, not to do anything in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the interest of the same and , in particular, you are required to develop and maintain the Catholic character of the School through your professional duties"

However, a spokesman for the archdiocese of Liverpool claims that "matters relating to his personal life have in no way interfered with his management of the school" This duplicitous statement beggars belief. Let's be honest: Junior teachers in the school will put their entire careers at risk if they publicly or even privately voice concern over this situation. Yet, they have a duty to teach the Catholic Faith to their students. As regards the parents, it is not unreasonable for them to expect the head teacher of a faith school to be living according to the Catholic Faith.

The title "Catholic" could be removed from St Cecilia's school if the status quo remains. Is there a failure in Catholic leadership that goes right to the top in the archdiocese of Liverpool?

If the Episcopal vicar for schools Fr. Michael O'Dowd (who as professor for Moral Theology at Ushaw openly called for the Church's teaching on homosexuality to be reviewed) cannot articulate the Catholic Faith, then he should hand in his resignation to Archbishop Kelly.

In a sane moral universe governed by men of conviction and substance, Kelly, of course, would hand in his notice first. An overseer of workaday scandals who has carried on seamlessly where his destructive Liverpool predecessor Derek Worlock left off, he even allowed the parish of Christ the King to host a Coyne-Jones 'wedding reception,' which convivial get-together for the 'happy couple' was attended by three priests, including the aforementioned Fr O'Dowd.

We are governed, however, by prelates brimming with those traits of "vainglory" and "self-complacency" identified and condemned by the Holy Father during his attack on the clerical "filth." Consequently, there is zero chance of a selfless, repentant Kelly handing in his episcopal meal ticket and foregoing the trappings of his prestigious office (like the overseas trips, for starters).

Kelly, Alexander, Murphy-O'Connor and their complacent peers are no doubt emboldened by the thought of strength in numbers: rationalising their indefensible promotion of the "gay" agenda in the knowledge that they are not just individually but collectively up to their cowardly necks in homosexual compromise. The Coyne affair, you see, is not a local scandal but the mere tip of a national "gay" employment iceberg which reflects the iniquitous spirit informing the episcopate's Diversity and Equality Guidelines.

A Deviants' Charter by any other name, this document supports and enshrines in Church practice the godless, pro-homosexual British government and EU laws on the equal employment rights of sodomites, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.

A few years ago, a visiting cardinal privately referred to these Guidelines as "the greatest betrayal since the Reformation." Just last May, referring to them during a scathing assessment of the state of the Faith in Britain, SPUC Director John Smeaton rhetorically asked 3,000 delegates at the World Congress of Families in Warsaw: "With the bishops of England and Wales now welcoming and guaranteeing the presence of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual teachers in Catholic schools in England and Wales, is it not completely unrealistic to expect that Catholic sexual morality will be taught in these schools?"

Precisely. And is it not just as unrealistic to expect English prelates to give a damn about the "gay" sacrilege and blashphemy recounted herein?

After all, the Cardinal is fully aware that those running the Soho Masses publicly and proudly dissent from Catholic teaching, and yet he allows these sacrilegious events to continue, week after week, forcing faithful Catholics to protest outside the church. Furthermore, from the very moment that his Chancellor and Vicar General, Bishop John Arnold, assumed the editorship of his diocesan paper last June, advertisements for the Soho Masses began to appear in the The Westminster Record. (A decidedly creepy statement of intent by the ambitious Arnold, who was sponsored through the ranks by the egregious likes of Basil Hume and Cormac and whose background and progress is a cause of deep concern to many, including one extremely anxious Religious Superior.)

It is noteworthy that this shameless embrace of the "gay" cause (presented as "pastoral care") is happening at the very time when even poorly informed laity are conscious of the threat homosexuality now poses to Catholic life in this country through the government-imposed Sexual Orientation Regulations. More than ever before the Church needs to be giving clear moral guidance. Yet our spiritual Fathers in the Faith are steadfastly supporting and promoting militant sodomites, even while playing the orthodox card by feigning outrage at pro-homosexual government legislation supported by those same militants.

Thus, trying to be all things to all men, the bishops end up betraying not only Christ and the faithful, but the very souls afflicted with same-sex attraction they claim to succour. Moreover, while neglecting the moral and spiritual welfare of those addicted to a sin which "cries to heaven for vengeance," which should be their overriding concern, the hierarchy shows equal disregard for the corporal welfare of everyone: ignoring the physical dangers inherent in the homosexual lifestyle and its threat to heterosexual teenagers and infants.

In respect of the former, are the bishops aware that exhaustive studies of the age of death of homosexuals in legal "civil partnerships" worldwide reveal a life expectancy on average more than 20 years less than married heterosexuals? Does it bother them that this figure rises to 30 years less for sodomites who die from AIDS?

Even in the most "gay"-friendly countries on earth, Denmark and Norway, "partnered" sodomites live respectively on average 23 and 25 years less than their conventionally married heterosexual counterparts, while "partnered" lesbians live respectively on average 22 and 25 years less than their married female Danish and Norwegian counterparts. To put this in perspective, studies have shown that years of smoking shortens the lifespan of the smoker from 1 to 7 years. (The full statistical analysis of early death due to homosex is available online at

Homosexuals harming and killing themselves is bad enough, but what about the hierarchy's spiritual and civil 'duty of care' for the rest of us? Since their supposedly Catholic adoption agences happily refer enquiring homosexual "couples" to other agencies willing to accommodate their desire for children, are our clueless shepherds also unfamiliar with the relative rates of homosexual/heterosexual child abuse? If so, how could that be? It has been well publicised in the Catholic media that over 80% of the clerical sexual abuse cases in the U.S. involved homosexual clerics abusing teenage boys.

"Roughly the same number of boys are victimized by the 2% homosexual males as are girls victimized by the 95% heterosexual males," documents researcher Judith Reisman. "In one liberal study, homosexual pederasts admitted to 150 boy victims each, compared to 19 girl victims per heterosexual pedophile, conservatively an eight-to-one ratio." No surprise to learn, then, that the first homosexual 'couple' in Yorkshire (and among the first in England) to be approved by the authorities as foster parents have turned out to be "gay rights" advocates who abused children given over to them. Even worse, like prelates unwilling to face down "gay" militants demanding special treatment, local council authorities, afraid of being seen as "homophobic," repeatedly turned a blind eye to the 'couple's' degenerate behaviour while sending them still more children over a 15 month period. [Daily Mail, 6/9/07]

Thus, behaving in turn like politically correct functionaries instead of apostolic successors, our shepherds demonstrate no spiritual or corporal concern whatsoever for the welfare of souls: leaving homosexuals to wallow in their deadly sins and addictions; abandoning everyone else to the heinous fallout.

It is all so utterly tragic. And unnecessary. Why kowtow to the "gay" lobby when by confronting them with the natural law enshrined in the liberating truths of Catholicism we can save their souls, prolong their lives and protect our children in the process?

Frankly, in all of this, the stench of blackmail is thick in the air. If Roman officials and English prelates were beyond the reach of the Lavender Mafia, homosexuals would be under the pastoral care of orthodox clergy and dissident "gays" would be shown the confessional door. Sadly, however, that "smoke of Satan" identified by Paul VI is now a putrid cloud of episcopal complicity stretching from Rome through Westminster to every see in the land. That the Vatican orchestrates and/or refuses to act on voluminous evidence to stop the Soho Masses in their tracks and bring the British episcopate to heel, is yet further confirmation, if any were needed, of the demonic homosexual infiltration documented by Brady, Guimarães, Engel, Berry, Likoudis, Rueda and many others.

And so, frustrated by our impotence as contempt for the episcopate plumbs ever new depths, we can only dream of justice: of dragging Mervyn Alexander out of his comfortable retirement and pulling Patrick Kelly, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Vincent Nichols, Malcolm McMahon, Peter Smith off their cushioned pedestals, kicking their scandalous backsides all the way to Rome, having them prostrate themselves before the Holy Father and forcing them to explain WHY ON EARTH they are pursuing such a Luciferian policy across the board - before asking Benedict himself why he lets them!

As for the sordid details, we can only speculate: how many of the bishops themselves are homosexual? how many are hiding dirty little secrets - personal or parochial? how many 'Fr Slocombes' are they protecting? how many are being (actively or tacitly) blackmailed into (actively or tacitly) supporting the "gays"?

With the English lapsation rate currently running at 100,000 Catholics a year, and with only 800,000 - i.e. about 8 years - to go, we are way beyond whispering these things in private. Everyone needs to ask such questions; to discover what the hell is going on before the last parish lights are switched off, the church doors bolted and we all head off to learn Polish!

The problem, however, is that while freely accepting they are ruled by political crooks and chancers, English Catholics still cannot bear to think that their clerical leadership is also rotten to the core: a grinning pack of wolves, apostates, self-serving compromisers and degenerates. It's that streak of deference to authority in the British character. Anything for a quiet life. Yet only by making a racket and giving the bishops and Rome no peace can we at least manage to slow the pace of dissident advance; to buy some time as we await the first class miracle needed to stop a morally bankrupt hierarchy from finishing off the local Church.


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